kate raggett drawings

My fascination with drawing lines and mark-making is extended to working on ceramic. The earthy chalky surface of earthenware bisque provides a beautiful surface for the underglaze pencils which creates a charcoal-like line. The work mainly focuses on pure line and spirals, referencing my preoccupation with the mapping of movement, time and rhythm.

Each piece is hand-drawn and signed and totally unique. They are made to order. The images here show samples of previous pieces. Due to the individual nature of each drawing all pieces will vary slightly from each other.

These pieces are intended for decorative use. They are food-proof but are not dish-washer-proof, oven-proof or capable of withstanding regular washing at warm/hot temperatures. The porous nature of the earthenware means that if they are washed repeatedly after a period of time the glaze could crackle and cannot be guaranteed under these circumstances.