Thursday, 23rd October 2014 at 3pm
Ann Detaildetail
We had a lovely morning at Monnow Valley Arts this week making an Autumnal Mandala using foraged materials from the gardens. A small group of participants with Dementia came along to make this beautiful drawing inside the gallery whilst the storms raged outside. A little reticent at first, the participants selected their materials and got working on the drawing, and by the end were very impressed with the vibrant colours and textures in their work. A lovely group whom were great to make alongside and am looking forward to working with again. The mandala measured c. 3 feet in diameter and was outlined using yellow willow withies from the Memory Field.

Monday, 4th August 2014 at 11a.m.
spiderdamsel fly
We are coming across some beautiful creatures at Ashvale during our creative play – so far the site has been inundated with beautiful blue damselflies and this week we stumbled across a stunning garden spider.

Sunday, 3rd August 2014 at 8a.m.
We made a lovely piece last Friday at the Arts and Minds Project in Ashvale. Thankfully the weather held until just as we de-camped and then the heavens opened. The children that came along did a fantastic job of making their drawing – with really stunning results – here are some images of what they made. It was a c.12ft diameter drawing outlined using sheeps fleece and filled in with foraged materials from ‘The Backs’ at Ashvale.
detail 1detail 2detail 3