Sheeps Wool Community Drawing, Westley Farm, Stroud

This piece was part of an environmental and ecological event held at Westley Farm, Stroud in Gloucestershire, being held as part of the Stroud Arts Festival Site 09. The event was held over the summer solstice weekend. Visitors to the event were invited to join in the making of the drawing which was sited in a sheeps field on the farm. The sheeps wool was sheared from the sheep who usually graze the field. Visitors, many of whom had not felt untreated sheeps fleece before, brought their own individual ideas to the drawing, some adding to parts that were already there, others following the lines and patterns formed by the sheep trails and terraces in the field and others just used their intuition and hearts to find their imagery. The piece took 3 days to complete and measures c. 100ft x 100ft. Thanks to Hege and Julian of Westley Farm, Tara for organising the event and Richard Kill of Cotswold Gliding Club for taking me up in a glider to get these aerial photographs.