Poplar Wood Drawing, Out of Nature 2015, Newport House, Almeley

This 90ft x 60ft drawing was made over two days during the Exhibition opening weekend using poplar tree logs from the Estate. The drawing was not pre-designed but emerged free-hand through the process of being in the field and observing and sensing the landscape moment to moment. The full drawing could not be seen from the ground during the making but was only revealed after its completion when the aerial photograph was taken. After the exhibition closed the wood was used for firewood in the house during the winter.

Thanks to the 4 student volunteers who assisted in making the drawing (including 3 students from Hereford Art College) namely: Fen, Jade, Keira and Tatiana for their enthusiasm and effort as without their help the drawing could not have emerged so quickly. And also a big thank you to all the team at Newport House: and in particular Jenny, Dave, Mark and Mike for their support in making the drawing possible.