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Arts Alive, Whitestone Forest, Monmouthshire, August 2012

As part of the Whitestone Forest Celebration Day event a Land Art Drawing took place throughout the day within the beautiful beechwood at the forest school site. There were many visitors – from special needs groups (including those with Autism) to local families. Despite the changeable weather, we had sunshine in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves and added their creative contribution to the 15ft diameter drawing made from foraged materials found on site. Participants each took a section of the circle to fill-in with their own unique design and choice of materials which included found leaves, bark, moss, beechnut cases, sandstones and dried bluebell stems. The range of colours, textures and ideas formed a striking drawing which sat perfectly in the middle of the Beech trees. Thanks to Justine at Arts Alive and Miranda Thomason for their invitation to participate in the event and to all who contributed to the drawing to make it so unique and beautiful.