Big Draw Community Project, Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Herefordshire October 2012 

This was a Big Draw Community project and invited the members of Longtown community and surrounding areas to participate in the making of this large-scale land art drawing. c.100 participants from local schools and the community contributed to the drawing over the 3 day event, bringing foraged natural materials from their gardens to add in. The shape of the drawing was drawn freehand using locally sourced white and black sheeps wool without any prior planning of the design and it grew each day in response to the land and materials. The final drawing was a beautiful array of colours and textures and measured c.75ft in diameter. Materials used included foraged leaves, petals, berries, rosehips, apples, pears,conkers, acorns and sweet chestnut pods. The aerial photograph was taken from a helicopter the day after the event finished on the 14th October. The drawing can still be viewed at Monnow Valley Arts Centre until it decays – for best results view as soon as possible!