Land Art – Star Mandala Penpont House October 2011 

Commissioned as part of Penpont House’s Textile and Craft Fair in the autumn of 2011, this workshop invited participants of all ages to add their creative input to the large-scale drawing on the front lawn of Penpont House. Over 150 adults and children (from ages 2 years – 80 years) came together to work on the 15 feet diameter star mandala which was outlined using willow withys from the grounds. Foraged seasonal materials from Penpont’s gardens (such as sweetchestnut and beechnut pods, leaves, crab apples, conkers, berries and pine needles) were used to complete the drawing. Participants were invited to take a section of the drawing and to be free in exploring their creative play. As a result, inspiring, totally individual parts were created which fitted together perfectly within the drawing as a whole.